First, we don’t encourage children to spend much time thinking about what they want to do when they grow up. We just tell them what they need to learn and then we make them learn it.

Second, we don’t tell students the reason they should learn something (mainly because we don’t know, either). Most who do well in school feel that getting a good grade is more important than getting an education. And, they are right!

Third, when we tell children about jobs that are available to those who do well in school, we are limiting them. What about all the opportunities that don’t yet exist that they might create for others to do?

John Gatto, New York State “Teacher of the Year”, has said,

“If you want to know how to educate a child look at what the Public School does–and do something else.”

“In government schools, children are never asked to do anything that is real; there is nothing important to do there.”

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