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Top 10 Reasons to Enroll with FCA

Why you should enroll with FCA!

  1. FCA has been serving families for over 20 years!
  2. FCA is a legal satellite-covering and record-keeping program for home educating families world wide.
  3. FCA offers a variety of program options for you to enroll which meet your families unique needs.
  4. FCA offers a variety of services such as a homeschool bookstore, graduation programs, testing, guidance, field trips, athletics program.
  5. You can use your own curriculum and/or meet with an FCA curriculum consultant to customize a plan for your family.
  6. Save when you enroll & buy your books from FCA. Members receive great discounts and do not have to pay sales tax on curriculum. If you don’t live near an FCA Bookstore, you can shop at our online bookstore.
  7. After you enroll you’ll receive FCA teacher and student ID cards that provide you with extra savings and discounts as a teacher.
  8. The FCA staff offers you family-friendly service and are available to provide you with support by phone or on the web.
  9. Convenient Online Service Center for members with easy access to enter attendance, grades, enroll in a variety of programs, etc.
  10. Enroll easily and receive quick service by web, mail, fax or office visit.

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