Educators Publishing Service – Starting Comprehension Phonetically Book 3 – K-1st


Young children learn to read through phonetic and visual processes; the Starting Comprehension series features exercises based on both of these needs. The two strands in this series reflect the two types of cues that beginning readers may gravitate towards: phonetic cues (letter-sound patterns and phonetic rules) and semantic cues (pictures and word meanings).




This workbook is Book 3 in the Starting Comprehension: Starting Phonetically strand. Designed for students who learn to read most easily through the phonetic-analytic methods, most of the featured vocabulary is structured to promote reading for meaning. Book 3 introduces CVC words with short “o” and “e”; the inflections “ed,” “es,” “ing”; the contractions “can’t,” “let’s”; the compound word “into”; and some sight words such as “was,” “said,” and “they.” Questions will have students responding to questions on the semantic, literal, inferential, and organizational levels. 96 non-reproducible pages, softcover. Grades PreK-1.



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