A Reason For Spelling Level D Grade 4 Set


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No one likes to learn–and be forced to memorize–things that they feel have no application or purpose. A Reason for Spelling removes the stumbling block of “useless” work with their richly integrated spelling workbook. Filled with contemporary theme verses, personal writing activities and scripture verses, this course also integrates spelling with reading, writing, and other language arts skills.

The student worktext is filled with a variety of fun games that will help students master each week’s spelling list. They will edit sentences by identifying and correcting misspelled words, write sentences teachers dictate, proofread, practice alphabetical order, fill in missing letters, and complete additional exercises.

Each unit contains five weekly lessons, each with a set of 18 words. Level D words include: bloom, drum, thread, forward, unknown, footprint, destroy, enjoyment, simple, possible, finally, evildoing, impossible, and others. Arranged in a test-study-test sequence, students will learn through immediate correction of their work.

The teacher’s guidebook contains reduced-size student pages with the correct answers overlaid; the margins are filled with teaching notes, including a Scripture verse, literature connection with discussion questions, pre-test with instructions marked with the “say” symbol for easy lesson time, additional exercises, auditory/tactile/visual options, dictation sentences, post-tests, and other cross-curricular activities and exercises. Placement tests, as well as a reproducible progress chart and scoring rubric, are also provided. 351 pages, softcover.

Level D is designed for grade 4.

This kit includes:

  • one teacher’s guide (351 pages, softcover)
  • one student workbook (207 pages, softcover.

Worktext is consumable and not reproducible.


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