How to determine when to assign a “Credit” to you home educated child:

  1. When assigning Credits for you home educated child, you must first determine if your child has actually learned the subject. In the Public School, a student is passed to the next grade if he or she has not failed. This approach is not appropriate for home educators. If a subject is worth assigning to the child, the child should be required to attain mastery of the subject, the parent should determine the reason and either drop the subject altogether, teach the subject at a later time, change the curriculum, or have the child re-take the subject until mastery is achieved.
  2. The “math” of assigning credits

a. Begin by understanding that, for a home educated child, approximately 100 hours spent learning a subject (100 academic hours) will allow you to assign one academic credit for that subject.

b. In the typical Public School, the school year lasts around 180 days. During each of the 180 days, approximately 50 classroom minutes is actually spent on the learning process (this is one reason why public schools give so much homework). Experience has shown that a child should be able to accomplish as much in one day at home as a public schooled child accomplishes in 3 days in the classroom.

c. Since the child is earning one academic credit for each 100 academic hours spent on a subject, those 100 hours may be accomplished in a variety of ways. For instance, a child may study only one subject at a time until that subject has been mastered; or, he may spend several hours per day on the subject, on alternating days; or, any other combination that is most appropriate to the family’s schedule and the student’s learning style.

d. Remember, a child should earn academic credits only when mastery of the subject has been accomplished regardless of how much time has been spent studying the subject.

3. Be creative when giving titles to courses you make up; however, be sure you create a “course description” including what is required for your child to earn course credit.