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Enrollment - Family Christian Academy

Enrollment with FCA is as easy as 1-2-3!

Choose a Program

Choose the program that best suits your family. FCA offers many enrollment options for your family. We encourage you to navigate our website thoroughly to determine what program is best for your family. FCA’s offers programs that range from record keeping support for home educator’s world wide to part-time and full-time on campus support locally.

Complete Enrollment Documents

Complete enrollment documents and submit proper fees. You may enroll online, print & fax enrollment forms, or stop by our office to complete your paperwork. We are conveniently located in Old Hickory TN.

Home Education Program – enroll online or print and mail forms A-E.
Online Academy – enroll online or print forms A-E then mail, fax or deliver to our office.

Private Christian School – print forms A-J then mail, fax or deliver to our office.

Homeschool Tutorial Classes – print forms A-J then mail, fax or deliver to our office.

Fine Arts Friday Classes – print forms A-J then mail, fax or deliver to our office.

Apprentice Program – print forms A-J then mail, fax or deliver to our office.

Begin Benefiting From Your FCA Membership

Phone support is available Monday – Friday from 10am-5pm central standard time. Our friendly staff is happy to serve you.

Home educators receive a 10% curriculum discount and pay no sales tax on purchases made through FCA’s Online Bookstore or the FCA Bookstore located in Madison, TN.

Teacher and Student id cards are mailed to families enrolling by mail, fax, or on campus. Those enrolling online may print their own id cards from your home printer.

FCA offers placement testing year round to help you determine the appropriate level to start your student. This eliminates guesswork and frustration and helps you to customize your student’s work around their learning level.

FCA provides achievement testing each year in the spring for students that sign up for this service. We offer private testing in which you may secure your own teacher and test in your home, you may privately test with FCA in Madison, TN or you may visit one of the many group testing locations offered.

FCA invites you to participate in the graduation and promotional ceremonies held each year at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN.

If you live in the Nashville, TN area we invite you to participate in the monthly field trip program.