Doorposts - Blessing Chart Laminated K-6th

Doorposts – Blessing Chart Laminated K-6th


Doorposts Publishing Company Publication This 16″ x 22″ chart is designed to help you acknowledge and reward godly attitudes and behavior. The left-hand column lists good character qualities, with cartoon drawings – peacemaking, truthfulness, obedience, diligence, and others. The center column quotes Scripture verses that tell how God blesses us when these qualities are present in our lives. The right-hand column is left blank, for you to write in agreed-upon rewards. The chart instructions give many ideas for creative rewards that relate to God’s rewards in our lives. For example, under “peacemaking” one of the verses listed is Matthew 23:12, which says that “he who humbles himself will be exalted.” The instructions offer ideas for ways to “exalt” your peacemaker: a party or feast with the family, no chores for a day, a “Servant’s Day” when the family performs services for the “exalted” child, and flying a special name flag from your front porch. God blesses us for our faithfulness and obedience. Use this chart to help bless your children for their righteous behavior.

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