Alfred's Interactive Musician

Alfred’s Interactive Musician


Alfred’s Interactive Musician CD-ROM course is great for pianists, singers, and instrumentalists at all levels. This course enhances musicianship through ear training and sight-reading. Topics include intervals, scales, chords, and more! Compatible with Windows® operating system or Macintosh® computers.

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Product Description

Alfred’s Interactive Musician from Alpha Omega Publications develops the essential skills of musicianship. Featuring pitch training, sight-reading, and rhythm, this easy-to-follow, self-paced music training program helps your child quickly identify his strengths and weaknesses. Whether playing piano, singing, or mastering some other musical instrument, multiple levels in this outstanding CD-ROM course allow you to customize your child’s homeschooling lessons in recognizing single notes, intervals, melody, scales, chords, and more! Without a doubt, you’ll be amazed at your child’s improved musical abilities as he learns to sight read more quickly and accurately as well as move from simple to complex rhythmic precision. Plus what child wouldn’t love developing perfect pitch in a fun-filled, realistic learning environment?But that’s not all! Alfred’s Interactive Musician software can be used on Windows® operating system or Macintosh® computers and is MIDI instrument compatible.


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