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Graduation & Diplomas

The teaching parent is responsible to make certain the student fulfills all requirements for graduation.

Upon satisfactory completion of any of FCA’s Programs, the student may attend FCA’s graduation ceremony and receive a diploma.

Family Christian Academy offers three different diplomas:

1. Family Christian Academy High School Diploma

Students must meet all of the following requirements:

Student’s final transcript shows that student has met the minimum credit requirements for graduation.

Student has received a Stanine score of at least 4 on the 11th or 12th grade Stanford Achievement Test, or a score of at least 20 on the college entrance ACT, or a score of at least 500 verbal/ 500 math on the college entrance SAT, or student must produce an unqualified letter of acceptance from a college.

2. Family Christian Academy High School Diploma (Parent-Directed)

Students must be 18 years old and meet one of the following requirements:

Student’s final transcript shows that the student has met the minimum credit requirements for graduation and has either not taken a standardized test, or student’s test scores are below those required to receive a regular Family Christian Academy High School Diploma (#1 above).

Student is considered a Special Education Student.

3. Family Christian Academy High School Diploma (Apprentice)

Student has successfully completed the requirements for FCA’s Apprentice Program.

Early Graduation
11th & 12th Grade Students: to graduate early, student’s final transcript must show that the student has met the minimum college prep credit requirements and must have a 10th or 11th grade Stanford Achievement Test on file with a stanine score of 7 or higher or an ACT score of 24 or higher. Students not meeting these requirements will not be eligible to graduate earlier than the end of their 12th grade year.

Making Graduation Plans
FCA offers an unforgettable Graduation Ceremony at the Grand Ole Opry each year. We invite you to be a part of this celebration for the whole family. The ceremony is usually held the first or second week in June. See Graduation for more details.

First year, high school enrollees should consult with an FCA guidance counselor by phone or on campus appointment to determine an academic plan for student to graduate. Consultations are $40 for a one hour session.

Complete Diploma Request on form R. FCA will evaluate your student’s file to make sure graduation requirements have been met. There is no charge for the diploma. If we must return your Diploma Request Form for any reason, a $15.00 reevaluation fee will be charged.

In order to issue your student’s diploma, student’s file must contain the following:

1. All required courses and credits.

2. All required documentation such as birth certificate, immunization records or exemption, all Attendance & Progress Reports (form K, L, M, & N), Curriculum List (form E), achievement test taken, including any ACT & SAT’s for college and Diploma Request.

The Attendance and Progress report is not required to be submitted until July 15th, however, seniors need to submit the form by May 15th or the last day of their school year to give FCA time to evaluate the final transcript.

Allow 2-3 weeks for processing Diploma Request (form Q)

Diplomas are issued December 15th, January 30th or June 15th and July 30th. All are printed by computer in bulk, therefore request for diplomas at other times will incur a cost of $15.00.

College Plans
If the student will be applying to a private university or college, a current catalog should be obtained for its admissions requirements. Universities and colleges differ widely on their admittance requirements.

Most colleges require that a student take an ACT or SAT college entrance exam and provide a copy of the results and the student’s current transcript. If you want FCA to send a copy of your student’s final transcript to a college or university, do not assume FCA knows where to send your transcript. Please communicate this in writing (form Q).

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